• Trade Shows 2020
    28/12/2017 11:00 am
    Trade Shows 2020

    You will find us at following fairs ...
    Interesting news are awaiting you!


    Domotex, Hannover Germany

    10. - 13.01.2020


    Hall 13, Booth C22


    Casa, Salzburg Austria

    22. - 25.01.2020


    Hall 10, Booth 0537


    netto-Messe, Balsthal Switzerland

    22. - 23.01.2020

    More information will follow soon.


    Südbund Wohntage Frühjahr/Sommer Backnang, Germany

    29. - 30.01.2020


    Ebene C, Booth 87



    FHR-Trendmesse, Bad Dürkheim, Germany

    19. - 20.03.2020

    More information will follow soon.



    METPACK, Essen, Germany

    05. - 09.05.2020

    Hall 3, Booth 3A34



    FHR-Trendmesse, Bad Dürkheim, Germany

    25. - 27.06.2020

    More information will follow soon.


    We are looking forward to meet you there.

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  • Wakol product news 2019

    Wakol presents the new products 2019...

    Wakol presents the product news for the second half of 2019 combined on one flyer. Check out the latest additions to the category “Preparing”: WAKOL MS 315 Cast Resin which comes with excellent adhesion properties on various materials and WAKOL MS Special Roller . WAKOL Z 625 Levelling Compound characterized by very fast readiness for covering was launched in the product category “Levelling”.

    New under “Bonding Parquet / Cork Floorings” is WAKOL D 1690 Parquet Adhesive – advantages include high suction adhesion (similar to MS adhesives) as well as excellent ridge formation. Last but not least, Wakol offers a new polyester fibre sheet for decoupling and soundproofing reduction: WAKOL RP 704 Project Decoupling Sheet, 4 mm , available under “Underlays / Mats / Tiles”.

    All in all, Wakol offers a refined and comprehensive product system with high demands for quality enabling parquet and floor layers to stand out by virtue of their skill and expertise.

    In case of any questions: Our technical support team is available for technical consultation under +49 6331 / 8001-187.

    Products news flyer 2019 for download .

  • Foam adhesives for mattresses and upholstery – innovative and in line with market requirements
    20/05/2019 1:53 pm
    Innovative foam adhesives

    Alternatives to water-based CR adhesives and more ...

    Driven by increasing technology requirements and changes in the supply of raw materials, Wakol is continuously expanding its foam adhesive product line. Accordingly, product launches at interzum 2019 include Chloroprene-Rubber(CR)-free water-based spray adhesives as well as an innovative flame retardant CR-Latex adhesive.

    The demand for alternatives to water-based CR adhesives is higher than ever. Tailored to meet market requirements, Wakol has developed INTERCOLL D 3095, a CR-free 2-C dispersion adhesive based on polyurethane suitable for the manufacturing of mattresses and upholstery. Product features are comparable to 2-C CR-Latex adhesives. INTERCOLL D 3095 shows high initial tack as well as excellent green strength for bonding foam materials in a very short time. The dried adhesive film is very flexible and resistant against ageing. Moreover, INTERCOLL D 3095 is free from chlorine respectively halogen-organic compounds in general.

    The new INTERCOLL D 3468 is a solvent-free 1-C CR-Latex adhesive that produces a self-extinguishing adhesive film and is therefore suitable for use in components that have to comply with fire protection requirements. Application fields include seating components designed for public transport respectively mass transport as well as mattresses for cruise ships or military facilities. From a product feature perspective, INTERCOLL D 3468 shows high temperature stability as well as excellent green strength for bonding foam materials in a very short time.

    Visit Wakol at interzum from May 21st - 24th 2019 in in Hall 10.1, Aisle H, Stand 011 and convince yourself of the INTERCOLL-Products .

    Download Press Release

  • Wakol at interzum 2019 in Cologne
    07/02/2019 12:22 pm
    Wakol goes interzum 2019

    Visit Wakol in hall 10.1, stand H 11

    Wakol presents - On the upcoming interzum 2019 in Cologne, Wakol presents adhesive systems for manufacturing upholstery and mattresses. 

    INTERCOLL D 3442 is a multi-purpose contact adhesive especially developed for the manufacturing of sandwich mattresses and spring mattresses with high tension. The water-based 1-C CR-Latex roller adhesive is solvent-free and odor-optimized, enabling a good workplace hygiene. Process reliability, production efficiency and product quality are featured by a very quick initial tack and a quick force build-up. Tensions in the glue line are reliably maintained. INTERCOLL D 3442 is suitable for all common application methods used for the assembly of mattresses, including double rollers as well as low pressure spray guns.

    INTERCOLL D 3470 is a high-performance spray adhesive that displaysa very fast initial tack even at very low spray pressures. The water-based polychloroprene latex adhesive bonds all typical upholstery materials, such as foam materials, non-woven materials, upholstery fabrics, wood, hard fibre or cardboard. Due to its special formulation, INTERCOLL D 3470 suppresses the formation of fine spray mist. This leads to more efficient use of the adhesive thanks to greater transfer efficiency with the spray application and less overspray. As a result, up to 10 % increase in productivity is achieved. Moreover, workstation and surrounding area are significantly less contaminated.

    Visit Wakol at interzum from May 21st - 24th 2019 in in Hall 10.1, Aisle H, Stand 011 and convince yourself of the INTERCOLL-Products

    Product demonstrations will be given several times a day directly at the stand of Wakol. 

    We look foward to meeting you! 

    Further information can be obtained on .

    Download press release

  • Ardex Group strengthens position in Australia
    29/04/2019 10:13 am
    Majority stake in Nexus

    Wakol and Ardex Australia announced today, they have jointly acquired a strategic majority stake in Nexus Adhesives.

    Nexus Adhesives is a market leader in the flooring adhesive and carpet backing compound industry in Australia.

    “This joint venture strengthens our leading position in the Australian market,” said Mark Eslamlooy, CEO ARDEX Group. “With our system competence we provide solutions for our customers.”

    “We feel very proud that ARDEX and Wakol have asked Nexus Adhesives to join the group,” Jonathon Clewlow and Brett Nixon said, Owners of Nexus Adhesives. “It’s a vote of confidence in Australian manufacturing and we look forward to exploring growth opportunities for Nexus Adhesives both in Australia and further afield.”

    Nexus will continue to operate independently from the ARDEX companies. Jonathon Clewlow and Brett Nixon will continue to manage and drive Nexus Adhesives forward.

    Established in Australia in 2006, Nexus Adhesives manufactures and distributes flooring adhesives and carpet backing compounds throughout Australia and New Zealand. Dedicated to delivering innovative, dependable products, they focus on servicing the professional contractor.

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  • WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer: Applicable without previous moisture measurement
    15/02/2019 2:39 pm
    WAKOL PU 280

    WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer has already proven its worth as a fast and efficient moisture barrier on more than 20 million square meters. Now it is officially confirmed that the moistuere barrier is applicable on unheated cement screeds and concrete even without previous moisture measurement.

    Continuous practical experience and the results of additional test cycles have shown: WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer has achieved a new level of product quality. According to the extended recommendation it enables blocking of capillary moisture in unheated cement screeds and concrete in two layers – even without previous moisture measurement.

    Extended recommendation underlines proven performance

    „The performance and reliability of WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer is continuously being tested by our product specialists”, says Birgit Hansen, Head of Marketing and Customer Service Center at Wakol. “The results have convinced us to officially update the recommendation of use."

    Reliable and fast residual moisture barrier

    As a one-component product WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer is always ready for immediate use. Mixing errors and disposal of residual amounts are a thing of the past. With 40 to 50 minutes drying time per application, work may directly continue the same day.

    Further information about WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer as well as the entire Wakol product portfolio can be obtained under Please find the official press release HERE .

  • Wakol at Domotex 2019 in Hannover
    21/12/2018 12:13 pm
    Wakol at Domotex 2019 in Hannover

    Wakol presents in hall 13, stand C31 from 11 to 14 January the latest product range WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer as well as the MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic. Look forward for daily demonstrations.

    WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer – fastest moisture barrier

    WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer is the first roll- or trowelable silane-modified moisture barrier with an unparalleled drying time of under one hour. After only 60 minutes the subfloor is protected against increased residual moisture and ready for parquet installation. Another advantage of WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer: In just one step a moisture barrier up to 5 CM% is achieved on unheated subfloors is achieved, on heated subfloors up to 3 CM% or 85 % KRL.

    Whether as a primer, solidifying agent for subfloors or as a moisture barrier – WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer enables floor layers to achieve an optimum parquet installation environment. It is suitable as a primer on new and old subfloors, firmly fixed adhesive residue, absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors. Thanks to its solidifying effect it can also be applied on stressed screeds. And, as a 1-component product, WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer is always ready to use. Dirty stirring tools, mixing errors and remaining hardened quantities are a thing of a past.

    Finally, WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer is compatible with all Wakol MS adhesives. After an initial coating with WAKOL D 3045 Special Primer followed by levelling, it even allows for laying textile or resilient flooring.

    WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive – ergonomic application

    WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic is easy to squeeze out, while unwanted dripping has been eliminated. Thanks to the easy-to-use tubular bag it enables an ergonomic processing in standing as well as a fast and precise application – with all standard applicators. And when it comes to residue management, the empty sausages occupy significantly less space in the waste bin than stacks of containers.

    Due to its high inner strength the WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic can comfortably absorb any movement caused by expansion of parquet flooring. Moreover, parquet flooring laid with a firm-elastic adhesive is more robust and has a smoother surface compared to flooring laid using a standard elastic adhesive.

    As the WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic comes with a quick setting and a high initial grab, it allows bonding of all relevant types of parquet flooring as well as selected cork floorings. Combined with WAKOL TS 160 Footfall Soundproofing Mat or WAKOL TS 170 Footfall Soundproofing Sheet a unique footfall soundproofing system for multilayer and solid parquet with matchboard joining is available to the market.

    Further product information can be obtained during the hands-on product demonstrations at the joint stand of Loba and Wakol. Presentations will be given several times a day in exhibition hall 13, stand C31. We look forward to meeting you!

    Please find the official press release HERE .

  • LOBA joins the International ARDEX Group – WAKOL becomes Majority Shareholder
    29/10/2018 4:32 pm
    From left to right: Mark Eslamlooy (CEO of the ARDEX Group), Michael Fischer (Managing Partner ofLOBA) and Christian Groß (CEO of Wakol)

    Michael Fischer confirmed as Managing Partner, further expansion and long-term succession secured...

    Adhesives manufacturer Wakol GmbH is increasing its share in LOBA GmbH & Co. KG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surface treatments, and now holds a majority stake in the company. As Wakol has been majority-owned by ARDEX since 2015, LOBA will thus become part of the international ARDEX Group. To facilitate this transaction, four long-standing LOBA shareholders have put their shares up for sale. The overriding goal of this decision is to safeguard the company’s long-term success. Therefore, the new shareholder structure consists of Wakol GmbH and Michael Fischer, who will remain as Managing Partner.

    “By linking LOBA with Wakol, we have managed to provide our company with an extremely sustainable perspective and pave the way for my succession early on. The international operations of the ARDEX Group offer excellent opportunities to continue growing and to lead LOBA into a successful future”, says Managing Partner Michael Fischer about the new structure. “I am most delighted that our shareholders unanimously supported this step and that we have been able to win such substantial partners for LOBA”.

    Christian Groß, Wakol shareholder and CEO, sees the strengthening and expansion of the existing cooperation as a common goal: “LOBA and Wakol have been working together excellently for over 20 years and we are now able to reinforce this even further. I am convinced that the ARDEX Group offers great opportunities for both companies, whilst at the same time preserving the values and culture of a family business”.

    Mark Eslamlooy, CEO of the ARDEX Group, has also expressed his pleasure over the partnership: “The cooperation with LOBA provides us with an optimal constellation to further expand our competence in the field of flooring systems and surface finishings. The LOBA brand enjoys a distinguished reputation and stands for technical competence, premium products and outstanding service. The strong international orientation and the extremely high level of commitment of the people involved have convinced us that LOBA is the ideal partner for us”.

    Ditzingen site to be expanded – company will remain independent

    LOBA's Ditzingen site will be further expanded as a development and production center for surface finishing within the ARDEX Group. The treatment and finishing of wood and cork currently play a key role for LOBA. Additionally, the company is expanding its activities in finishing resilient floor coverings as well as cementitious surfaces.

    The company name, brand and sales structure remain unchanged as well as the contact persons for customers and suppliers. In both companies, the organization and personnel will remain the same. Following a mandatory review by the antitrust authorities, the transaction is expected to be completed at the latest by the end of November 2018.

    About Wakol

    Wakol GmbH develops, produces and very successfully sells laying materials, industrial adhesives and sealing compounds. It has stood for premium quality and customer accessibility for over 80 years. The ARDEX Group has been the majority shareholder of this family-owned company since 2015. Over 185 people are employed at the headquarters in Pirmasens; worldwide, the Wakol Group employs around 230 people. Besides Germany, Austria, Switzerland, North America and the Netherlands are amongst the most important sales markets. There are further intensive activities in Poland, Italy and Great Britain, to name a few. Wakol is also actively involved in global exports.

    About LOBA

    Founded in 1922, the finishing and care of parquet and hardwood floors have been the core business of the company based in Ditzingen near Stuttgart for almost 100 years. LOBA also owns subsidiaries in Brazil and China, as well as joint ventures with Wakol in Poland and North America. The LOBA Group currently employs around 120 people, 97 of whom work at the Ditzingen site. Technical excellence, top-quality products and the extremely well-focused customer orientation are the key factors for the success of the LOBA brand in over 60 countries.

    About ARDEX

    ARDEX GmbH is one of the world’s market leaders in high-quality chemical building products. As a family-owned company, the company has maintained a sustainable growth course for over 65 years. Today, the ARDEX Group employs more than 3,000 people and is represented in over 100 countries on all continents, boasting a virtually end-to-end presence in its core market of Europe. With more than ten major brands, including Wakol, ARDEX generates total turnover of over EUR 770m worldwide.

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  • New EU-GDPR
    30/05/2018 11:29 am

    We updated our privacy statement...

    ­­­­We, Wakol GmbH, Bottenbacher Str. 30, 66954 Pirmasens, would like to inform you in detail about the processing of your personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data") in accordance with Article 13 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). The EU GDPR places some useful and meaningful obligations on us in order to ensure the protection of your data during processing. We are happy to fulfil these obligations. In the following we shall explain which data we process about you and for which purposes and the rights you have in this regard.

    Purposes of processing

    The processing of your data is required for the execution of contractual services and/or the performance of pre-contractual services.
    We process your data for the following purposes:

    • Your address data for the fulfilment of pre-contractual services
    - Initiation of contractual performance
    - Payment guarantee
    • Your address, payment and turnover data based on the contract concluded with you for:
    - Performance of contractual service
    - Payment processing
    - Supply of contractually ordered products and services

    • Your data shall not be transferred to third parties, except
    Address data to logistics companies for the delivery of the goods
    - Account details to banks for payment processing
    - Address details to credit agencies for payment guarantee
    - Address and reminder data to credit insurers for payment guarantee
    - Address, payment and turnover data to legal representatives, insurance companies and courts for reminders, debt collection and disputes
    - Address, payment and turnover data to tax consultants, auditors and accountants, financial and administrative authorities insofar as it is required for the performance of their tasks.
    • IT service providers may obtain a potential insight into the stored data within the framework of providing support.
    • Based on the consent you have given
    - Mailing of interesting information about products and campaigns, training and trade fairs and exhibitions of Wakol and its affiliated companies..

    Period of processing

    We shall only process your data for as long as is required for the fulfilment of our contract or applicable statutory regulations as well as the maintenance of our relationship.
    Business documents are stored for a maximum period of 6 and 10 years according to the German Commercial Code and the Fiscal Code.
    As long as you do not object, we shall use your data for maintaining and intensifying our trust-based business relationships to our mutual advantage.
    If you request the deletion of your data, we shall delete your data with immediate effect insofar as the deletion does not conflict with any legal retention requirements.

    Your rights as an affected individual

    In accordance with the EU GDPR, you have the right to:
    Information about the processing of your data
    • Correction or deletion of your data
    • Restriction of processing (only storage is still possible)
    • Objection to processing
    • Data portability
    • Revocation of your consent with effect for the future
    • File a complaint with the data protection regulatory body. Your competent regulatory body is that located in your place of residence. A list of the regulatory bodies can be found here:

    We need your agreement to keep you informed about our products, campaigns, workshops or fairs. Click here to download the file .

    We hope this information helps you in exercising your rights. If you require further information about the data protection regulations, please read our privacy statement or ask your regulatory authority.
    Our Data Protection Officer , Mr. Ralf Nicklich, is also available to answer any questions you may have with regard to data protection.

  • New edition product line laying materials
    New edition product line laying materials

    Wakol presents the updated version of the strong product line laying materials in German and English.

    Costumers are able to catch up on all products, which are offered by Wakol. The product line is divided into the categories:






    Seiten aus 2018_Product Line Laying Materials_GB









    As you can see: Wakol offers a huge product variety in laying materials for the parquet and flooring laying crafts.

    Product Line Laying Materials 2018 as download .

  • Enhanced safety with use of alkali- and ammonia-free adhesive -
    13/11/2017 10:27 am
    Enhanced safety with use of alkali- and ammonia-free adhesive -

    WAKOL D 3465 Special Adhesive

    The presence of chromium (VI) compounds in leather and textiles is still one of the most relevant risks with respect to product safety that processors are confronted with today. The risk potential of these compounds is caused on the one hand by the intensive sensitising and contact allergen effect, and on the other hand in the case of chromium (VI) compounds carcinogenic effects are probable for people upon intake via the respiratory tract. This pronounced risk potential has led to an intensive occupation with the analysis of chromium (VI) and the legislation on the introduction of strict limit values. Since 2010 the German Consumer Goods Ordinance, for instance, has been stipulating that no chromium (VI) must be detectable in leather products with which not only passing physical contact is likely. A value of 3 mg/kg applies here as a detection limit. Since 2015 this limit value was also put into effect at European legislative level. Subsequently numerous retailers also included restrictions in their suppliers terms and conditions, some with even lower limits.

    Although the topic has somewhat disappeared in recent years after intermittent intensive reporting also in the mass media, it still leads to recalls in the footwear industry as a result of non-marketable products that do not comply with the applicable limit values.

    A key problem in the risk management of the topic is that with the exclusion of the chromium (VI) content an exit control does not represent adequate prevention for the safety of the finished products for the tanner. This is due to the fact that measurable and thus potentially alarming amounts of chromium (VI) may form during storage and further processing due to oxidative processes and the chromium (III) content from the tanning process. This chemical conversion is supported by a range of influencing factors.

    • Appearance of oxidising agents, particularly in fatliquors. A higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acids appears to support oxidation into chromium (VI).
    • The effect of light, moisture load and thermal load also during the production process (heatsetter, steaming) generally ensure an increase of the values of chromium (VI) found.
    • Overshooting of the pH value during neutralisation favours oxidation.

    This chemical conversion is inhibited by the following influencing factors:

    • The use of small quantities of vegetable tanning agents in retanning reduces the tendency of chromium (VI) formation.

    Precise pH value control is therefore required. The negative influence of ammonia is particularly pronounced. Its use should therefore be avoided.

    The last point in particular is perfectly understandable from a chemical perspective as the formation balance is moving more and more towards chromium (VI) in the alkaline range. As a result, adhesives were targeted during the examination of influencing factors as with classic natural latex adhesives there is a high pH value and significant amounts of ammonia. Studies by the Pirmasens-based PFI in 2011 within the framework of an IGF research project actually suggested a negative, albeit small, influence of the adhesives [IGF research project no. 15845 N (2011)]. Wakol addressed the issue with current development work and developed the alkali- and ammonia-free adhesive WAKOL D 3465 Special Adhesive. Owing to the near neutral pH value of approx. 7.5 a significant reduction of the risk of adhesive-related formation of chromium (VI) can be expected. In this way with the use of a neutral adhesive the processor can avoid additional risks in the processing chain in situations where the tannery does not comply with "Best Practice" with regard to chromium (VI) prevention.

    Wakol GmbH
    Bottenbacher Straße 30 
    66954 Pirmasens 

    Press Release

  • WAKOL D 3465 Special Adhesive - New generation of shoe adhesive
    09/11/2017 11:41 am
    WAKOL D 3465 Special Adhesive - New generation of shoe adhesive

    Innovative bonding of shafts

    Wakol offers a new sprayable shoe adhesive with high initial strength and excellent processing properties. WAKOL D 3465 Special Adhesive is suitable for the manufacture of shoe shafts and insoles by hiding all common leather, cushioning and lining materials.
    The use of this alkali- and ammonia-free raw material with very low allergenic potential reduces the skin-irritating effect of the adhesive significantly or substantially. Contamination of the adhesive during processing is impossible with the application in the closed container. Only a 10 kg container is connected directly to the spray gun which avoids the former refilling into a pressurised container. Mould formation in pressurised containers is therefore impossible.
    The absence of odours (no ammonia) during processing is particularly beneficial. A high initial strength is already achieved with little pressure. In order to control the spray application of the undyed adhesive also on bright lining materials, a UV indicator is added which enables visualisation under black light. Typical spray devices can be used without any problems. Only the selected spray pressure must be readjusted or reduced to 1-2 bar. It is possible to clean the application devices with water. Work benches can also be easily cleaned with little effort. Very high heat resistance allows other work processes such as heatsetter, blow-drying and steaming without any problems. Hydrolysis tests (70°, 7d , 100% RF) permit use in the area of heavy and sports footwear.

    Press Contact:
    Wakol GmbH
    Bottenbacher Straße 30 
    66954 Pirmasens 

    Press Release

  • Wakol goes Facebook!
    Wakol goes Facebook!

    Wakol can also be found now on...

    Adhesive manufacturer WAKOL based in Pirmasens can also be found now on the popular social network Facebook .

    @Wakol.Verlegewerkstoffe shares information about the product line Laying Materials , from product innovations through application examples up to updated technical informations.

    Besides that the follower on @Wakol.Verlegewerkstoffe will be informed about upcoming appointments, workshops or fair participation.

    Visit us on our new Facebook page!

    Wakol jetzt auch auf Facebook

    We’re looking forward to your active participation, your likes, comments and ideas! Your opinion is important to us.

  • Domotex 2018
    03/01/2017 5:32 pm

    WAKOL presents it's newest products at Domotex 2018

    Everyday life on the contstruction site presents us with new challenges – the new products of Wakol are the key to your success. The start in an ergonomic and economic year is ensured with Wakol.

    WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer - Optimal preparation at lightning speed!

    With the rollable WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer you are optimal prepared at lightning speed. The versatile usage for subfloor preparation and the very low hardening time of  3 - 4 hours allows you to continue working on the same day.



    WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive - Strike with no effort at all!

    Strike with no effort at all with the new WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive – fast, clean and comfortable. The exceptionally high suction adhesion, the small consumption and the ergonomic application of the adhesive in stand, are a big award to this product.

    WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive - Powerful appearance!

    Laying LVT in areas with increased moisture? With WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive a safe and fast adhering is guaranteed. The very squeezing tendency is minimized and the subfloor can be used quickly.


    Convince yourself! Together with Loba, we present our products in 2018 at Domotex in Hannover and show you how you can start with “Connected Systems” without effort and powerful into the new year.

    You find Wakol in  Hall 13, Stand B23

    We are looking foward to your visit!

    More information

    Further information to the products can be obtained on the internet site , by mobile phone direct as well as via a QR code on the label.

    Further information on Wakol at DOMOTEX

  • interzum 2017
    03/04/2017 1:41 pm
    interzum 2017

    Wakol presents adhesive systems for manufacturing upholstery and mattresses

    On the upcoming interzum 2017 in Cologne, Wakol presents adhesive systems for manufacturing upholstery and mattresses.

    Visit Wakol at interzum from 16. - 19. Mai in Hall 10.1, Aisle A, Stand 058 and convince yourself of the TOP Products INTERCOLL D 3447 and INTERCOLL D 3386 .

    INTERCOLL D 3447 Roller Adhesive – is a diverse mattress adhesive for the manufacture of all types of mattresses. The water-based 1-C CR-Latex Roller adhesive is solvent-free and characterized by its superb tension stability when wet. The easy assembly and the process reliability are featured by the quick force build-up and the excellent instant tack.

    INTERCOLL D 3386 – has been developed for roller and spray application. The very fast drying of the adhesive makes a directly packaging of the mattress possible. It can be used as one-side or contact adhesive for all common mattresses and upholstery materials.

    During interzum 2017 Wakol presents live two spray applications:

    The 2-C CR-Latex Dispersion Adhesive INTERCOLL D 3453 is used in combination with INTERCOLL D 3437 Aktivator by spray-mix-application. It shows high initial strength for bonding foam materials in a short time.

    INTERCOLL D 3460 is a 1-C CR-Latex Dispersion Adhesive can be used at a low spraying pressure, thus reducing the overspray and optimising consumption. The product can be applied using the "free-flow" method. In comparison to the mixed two-component adhesive, INTERCOLL D 3460 contains more solid material and therefore has a lower water content. This adds a drying benefit.


    Further information on Wakol at  interzum

  • METPACK 2017
    METPACK 2017

    WAKOL Sealing Compounds – expanded product range

    Wakol presents at Metpack two new additions to its extensive Sealing Compound range.

    - WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound for Beverage cans

    - WAKOL PU 4320 / 4315 Sealing Compound for Food pails and drums.

    WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound for Beverage cans

    WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound is a water-based sealing compound based on SBR for beverage application and is suitable for the filling of mineral water, carbonated soft drink, beer as well as dairy products. It shows a very good performance using high throughput application machinery (up to 1500 epm / rotational multi-head liner) applying to small diameters.

    It is formulated to achieve virtually no taste or odour influences on filling goods. Therefore WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound is suitable for taste-sensitive filling goods like e.g. mineral water.

    It complies with latest regulatory requirements, according to European and FDA food contact regulations. TNO and Nehring certificates are available

    It shows excellent performance on high-speed rotational multi liners due to low drying tendency on nozzles. Reject rates are exceptionally low. An excellent shear stability provides optimum performance through central supply systems.

    WAKOL PU 4320 / 4315 Sealing Compound for Food pails and drums

    WAKOL PU 4320 / 4315 Sealing Compound is a two-component, self-blowing polyurethane foam. It was especially developed to form gaskets for pails and drum covers with ring ladge application. For the product, full compliance for food contact according to European Food Contact law has been achieved.

    As the foam shows a very good resistance against water, fats, oils and aliphatic solvents it can also be used for the sealing of packaging of aqueous-based products for technical applications, glycols, oils, aliphatic solvents and solid filling materials.

    The reaction leads to an elastic and fine-porous gasket with a smooth surface. 2-C-Polyurethane technology offers several advantages: no oven needed, high form stability of the gasket, plasticizer free, low migration, PVC free.

    The Wakol exhibition team is looking forward to inform you about the full product range and will be available for further details. Visit Wakol in Hall 3.0 Stand 3A34.

    Further information on Wakol at METPACK

  • Innovations@Domotex 2017
    03/01/2017 1:44 pm
    Innovations@Domotex 2017

    Wakol participates at innovations@domotex2017 and will be presented with two products.

    Wakol presents innovative products during DOMOTEX 2017 from 14th till 17th january in Hannover. The products will be shown at innovations@domotex2017 as well as on Wakol's stand in Hall 7 Booth A41 .

    WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer - the first roll- and spreadable MS Moisture Barrier with strengthening effect

    WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive - the first 1-C MS adhesive for LVT Floorings.

    innovations@Domotex2017 presents innovative products the online as well as during the fair show in hall 9.

    Application and laying technologies Innovative exhibitors at DOMOTEX 2017 are demonstrating how the latest-generation technologies enable floor coverings to be laid more quickly and straightforwardly. "We have seen some exciting products that stand out thanks to creative and smart approaches. ..." explains Stefan Diez , Jury Chairman and Product and industrial designer.

    Press release Wakol

  • Dates 2017
    27/12/2017 5:00 pm
    Dates 2017

    You will find us at following fairs ...
    Interesting news are awaiting you!


    Domotex, Hannover

    12.-15. January 2018


    Hall 13 Booth B23

    Buy Ticket

    Casa, Salzburg 

    24.-27. January 2018


    Hall 10 Booth 0830

    Buy Ticket






    We are looking forward to meet you there.

    For further information please contact us: Telephone: +49 6331 8001 131, E-Mail:

  • Product line Laying Materials 2017
    17/01/2017 6:10 pm
    Product line Laying Materials 2017

    Clearly laid out, faster to read, in a new layout – that’s the new  ...

    With immediate effect the new is available. At a first glance it is visible, that a lot has changed. The content is even more clearly represented. To find the right solution for every even faster, the products are categorized more deeply. If a product is suitable for the laying of different types of flooring, it will be listed in all of these categories.

    The Application instructions have been updated and are now available in a better legible version.

    Application instructions exist for the direct installation of elastic and textile floorings respectively parquet on standardised or renovated subfloor as well as the subfloor preparation of non-suitable subfloors for direct bonding of elastic and textile flooring respectively parquet.

    The categories in the product line as well as in the internet are following:


    more >>


    more >>

    Bonding PVC / Rubber Floorings

    more >>

    Bonding Linoleum / Textile Floorings

    more >>

    Bonding Parquet / Cork Floorings

    more >>


    more >>

    Laying Conductive Floorings

    more >>

    Underlays / Mats / Accessories

    more >>

    Tools and Accessories

    more >>

    Working clothes

    more >>

  • DOMOTEX 2016
    DOMOTEX 2016

    With Wakol a powerful appearance and optimal preparation at lightning speed! Wakol presented at DOMOTEX 2016 innovative new products

    Wakol presents with WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer the first roll-out MS Moisture Barrier with strengthening effect and with WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive the first MS based Adhesive for LVT Flooring. The practical demonstration of these ideal products for the next job site took place in hall 7, booth A43. Wakol presented their work to an interested audience.

    WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer - Optimal preparation at lightning speed!

    For the first time it is possible to prepare the subfloor in just one application with an MS-based roll-on moisture barrier. The special WAKOL MS Special Roller guarantees efficient work and enables to apply the required amount of 250 g/m² as a moisture barrier. After only 3 to 4 hours drying time it is possible to continue with the next step, Regardless if you are laying parquet or subsequently applying levelling compound. This saves you additional trips to the job site.

    WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer is suitable for different types of subfloor preparation, as primer, strengthening agent for subfloors or as moisture barrier. The product can be used as a primer on new and old subfloors, firmly fixed adhesive residues, absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors. Worn out screeds are strengthened with WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer. Increased residual moisture can be reliably and quickly blocked up to max. 4 CM% in unheated cement subfloors or up to max. 3 CM% in cement subfloors with integrated underfloor heating. There is a variety of possibilities available after applying the WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer. You can either lay parquet directly on the primer using all admitted Wakol MS and PU parquet adhesives or lay textile or resilient flooring after an initial coating with WAKOL D 3045 Special Primer and subsequent levelling with WAKOL Levelling Compound. When time is of the essence and you want to lay the flooring on the same day, reach for WAKOL Z 715 Quick Setting Levelling Compound.

    WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive – Powerful appearance!

    Wakol presents the first MS adhesive for LVT flooring. The modern reaction adhesive for resilient flooring it is possible for the first time to securely install critical flooring with a 1-component MS adhesive which previously had to be done with 2-component PU adhesives. WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is suitable for installing all PVC flooring, as well as LVT and rubber flooring. It doesn't matter whether you want to lay flooring on absorbent or non-absorbent subfloors, indoors or outdoors.

    With no time-consuming mixing involved, WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive can be applied directly from the bucket to the prepared subfloor.

    WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is characterised by its very low squeezing tendency. For unavoidable work on the flooring imprints in the surface are kept to a minimum. LVT flooring is held securely in place right from the start thanks to the high suction adhesion and initial tack. Owing to the firm adhesive grooves of WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive, residual indentations are kept to a minimum just as well as with a fibre-reinforced dispersion adhesive. Adhesive residues on the surface of the flooring can be removed completely whether fresh or hardened.

    After covering the remaining adhesive and closing the container the adhesive can be used for subsequent installations.

    Further information to the products can be obtained on the internet site by mobile phone via a QR code on the label.

    Visitors at Domotex 2016 were able to see the new products for themselves. Together with Loba Wakol demonstrated which products are a must in 2016.

    Further information on Wakol at DOMOTEX

  • Easier online
    04/01/2016 8:00 am
    Easier online

    Wakol goes mobil ...

    Pirmasens, December 2015

    Find the relevant information easier online! This was the goal behind the new web page of Wakol which is online since mid of the year. The new mobile web page makes it possible to navigate easier with your smartphone 

    You are looking for the relevant information of a product? You will find the information really easy with the new full-text search.

    Give it a try!

    Visit our web page

    or         mobile

  • Wakol International Partner Meeting 2018
    02/10/2017 2:41 pm

    Wakol kindly invites to ...

    Wakol invites our international partners for a meeting from February 19th till February 21st, 2018 in Pirmasens, Germany. You can find here a rough time schedule:


    The meeting included following contents:

    - Product Introduction

    - Technical Training

    - Network

    - News

    - etc.

    We kindly ask you to use the registration form limited for 2 persons/company in ordner to confirm your attendance. The costs for board, lodging and shuttle service will be borne by Wakol. More information and details coming soon.


    The completed form must be sent to by November 1st, 2017 at the latest. The invitation and the registration form can be downloaded here .

    We are looking forward to your visit on 19th of February!

  • Wakol find’s in ARDEX strategic partner for continued expansion
    Quality associates

    Adhesive manufacturer WAKOL enters into strategic partnership with ARDEX Group which will ensure early company succession ...

    Adhesive manufacturer WAKOL enters into strategic partnership with ARDEX Group which will ensure early company succession.

    Ardex, specialist for building chemicals based in Witten, Germany acquires a majority interest in Wakol. Family owners who are currently active in the business continue to hold substantial shares.

    With Ardex as partner Wakol strengthens its system expertise, its global footprint and therefore ensures a sustainable growth.  

    This cooperation holds big potential for for future growth for both companies.

    Mark Eslamlooy, CEO of Ardex Group, is excited about the future together: “This cooperation with Wakol is a perfect way for us to increase our systems expertise in the flooring industry massively. I cannot imagine having a better partner because like Ardex Wakol stands for highest technical expertise, quality and innovation. This shared philosophy is the base for our future success.”


    Wakol stays independent

    Wakol continues to operate as independent entity. The current managing directors  Christian Gross, Dr. Frederic Holzbaur, Dr. Martin Schäfer and Steffen Acker will continue to run the business. Company name, location, brand and sales strategy will not change. The point of contact for customers as well as suppliers will also stay the same.

    Through this cooperation both companies will increase their expertise in the business segment flooring systems. Both brands will continue to focus on their existing distribution channels and invest in its further development. Also both companies will continue to offer their distinguished product portfolio under their own brand.  

    Wakols further business segments Industrial Adhesives and Sealing Compounds will also continue increase without change. The international network of the Ardex Group offers opportunities for growth there as well.

    Christian Gross, CEO of the Wakol Group is convinced: „ With Ardex as partner we have a very promising prospective for the future and at the same time foster our culture as family  owned business.“


    Location in Pirmasens will be strengthened

    Wakol’s current location in Pirmasens will be expanded to become Ardex’s development centre for flooring adhesives in Europe. It is also planned to expand Wakol’s existing manufacturing capacity into the Groups European production centre for flooring and industrial adhesives.


    Similar values:

    Base for a partnership are shared values like: quality, innovation, technical expertise, reliability as well as a clear strategic alignment. Strong similarities in the company culture are crucial prerequisites and guarantee the future success for the cooperation.


    About Ardex

    For more than 60 years, ARDEX has been the quality leader for an entire industry, offering excellent building chemicals with supreme processing reliability – the brand of choice for installers and wholesalers. ARDEX today is still an independent family-owned business. ARDEX is present in more than 50 countries around the world and has 2,200 employees. With its twelve major brands, the ARDEX Group generates total turnover worldwide of more than 540 million euros per year.


    About Wakol

    Wakol GmbH is a leading family owned business in the adhesive industry as well as in the packaging industry with a total turnover of 58 million Euros. In 2014 Wakol achieved a growth of 5.5%.

    Wakol, headquartered in Pirmasens, Germany continuously increased the number of employees over the recent years to currently 190 employees. 160 of that are based in Pirmasens.

    Besides Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands which are core markets for Wakol’s flooring products Wakol is also active in USA and Poland. 

    Wakol develops, manufactures and distributes very successful Flooring products, industrial adhesives and sealing compounds. For 80 years Wakol stands for Quality and Customer service. Wakol was repeatedly able to develop industry changing innovations. The chosen markets and niches provide excellent opportunities for future growth.

    Press release as Download

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