Good cover through professional support on construction site

A field service well versed in equipment technology is there to support you on your construction sites with expertise extending well beyond what the sector usually has to offer. Through instruction in new products and active assistance in the evaluation of subfloor and flooring, we help you systematically to avoid risks for yourself: the founding stone for problem-free completion of construction work.

The result associates

A perfectly laid floor is a thing of beauty for any room. The result of your work should deliver complete and lasting satisfaction to your customers, and should safeguard your commercial success in a competitive world. The demand, we place on ourselves is to enable you to stand out, even under difficult practical conditions, by virtue of your skill and expertise in this trade.

Forward-looking processor and end user protection creates confidence, also with your customers

Wakol product quality encompasses a high standard of environmental quality. Our product range is underpinned by a consistent, anticipative policy of protection for processing staff and end consumers which safeguards your health and provides you with a number of good sales points when discussing jobs with your customers. The easy to understand, straightforward information you receive from Wakol enables you to explain things clearly to customers and to advise them effectively. That builds confidence.

Make maximum use of all available handling benefits and avoid hidden costs

Containers which are easy to reseal, no residual waste thanks to single-component products, universal products, cost-effective package sizes, simple disposal – nothing is taken for granted when it comes to making your working life a great deal more profitable. An intensive search for, and examination of, the optimum packaging, is a key component of all product development work carried out by Wakol.

Fast and flexible delivery

A framework for terms and conditions individually tailored to your specific requirements gives you a degree of flexibility in your supply to construction sites. Goods collection points in selected regions support this approach. Your local and personal service assistant ensures that your products are supplied reliably and rapidly and is always on hand to provide you with detailed information when you need it. Professional transport packaging ensures that your products arrive clean and undamaged.