WAKOL D 3313 PVC free Adhesive

  • Ready to go – perfect for PVC free flooring
  • Super strong – ensures extremely high dimensional stability


  • Comfortable – high suction adhesion and long open time
  • Safe – one for all

PVC free floor coverings are gaining increasing market importance in the area of elastic flooring. There is a large number of variants of these floor coverings available. Flooring with a PU, PET, synthetic thermoplastic of PO base can now reliably be installed with one adhesive, WAKOL D 3313 PVC free Adhesive.

Apart from chlorine-free flooring, all other common design floor coverings can also be installed with WAKOL D 3313 PVC free Adhesive.

The use of renewable and recycled raw materials leads to a variety of flooring variants on the market. This creates diverse technical requirements for the adhesives. With WAKOL D 3313 PVC free Adhesive it is possible to bond all these flooring reliably.

With its extremely strong adhesive ridges WAKOL D 3313 PVC free Adhesive ensures very high dimensional stability of the installed flooring.

Typical movements of the floor coverings, e.g. due to external factors, are thus reduced to a minimum. The perfect surface appearance remains unchanged.

The wet-set adhesive offers very high suction adhesion in order to minimise the floor covering slipping during the installation phase. Thanks to its long open time and the excellent wettability, WAKOL D 3313 PVC free Adhesive enables the reliable  installation of long sheets and more complex laying patterns.

WAKOL D 3313 PVC free Adhesive has very low emission levels and is classified as EMICODE EC1 PLUS. The adhesive is supplied in a recycled bucket. The current data can be found in the sustainability datasheet.


All details regarding the product can be found here.