WAKOL MS 292 Parkettklebstoff, schubfest

  • New first shear-resistant Wakol MS parquet adhesive in tubular bag
  • Modern optimised for ergonomic and efficient application or usage with WAKOL Applicator 90


  • Approved reliable Wakol MS technology
  • Safe no interaction with finishes
WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive, shear-resistant – fast, clean and comfortable usage
Shear-resistant MS parquet adhesive for all types of parquet- and wood floors

WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive, shear-resistant is a shear-resistant MS polymer adhesive which also reliably bonds critical wood floor types and parquet floor dimensions. It complies with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17178 for the group of "hard parquet floor adhesives".
With its exceptionally high suction adhesion it holds even long wood flooring elements directly on the floor during the installation.

Especially for WAKOL Applicator 90

WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive, shear-resistant was developed for the usage in adhesive applicators with a minimum diameter of 90mm, such as the WAKOL Applicator 90. Therefore the product is available in the 4,200 ml tubular bags.
During the development huge importance was attached to comfortably squeeze out the adhesive. The adhesive does not drip after stopping the applicator. With WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive, shear-resistant the best possible installation is achieved with an applicator.

No interaction with varnish

WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive, shear-resistant does not contain any plasticising substances. This rules out the migration of adhesive components and thus interactions with parquet varnish.
WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive, shear-resistant is of course included in the "Connected Systems" system guarantee in combination with Loba varnishes. A cross-system warranty exists for the joint use of the systems

Extension of warranty to 10 years

Like for all Wakol MS Parquet Adhesives, Wakol also offers an extended 10-year warranty for WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive, shear-resistant*.


* For detailed information please consult Wakol.


The applicator method makes possible lower consumption with consistently good adhesive transfer compared to the application with the trowel. The application amount of adhesive can be adapted to the parquet floor width by means of application with Wakol replaceable nozzles which are available in different sizes.
The economical dispersion-based primer WAKOL D 3055 Parquet Primer can be used for dust binding before installation.

Less waste

When crushed, the tubular bags occupy significantly less space in the waste bin than bulky stacks of buckets or pails.


All details regarding the product can be found here.