Wakol MS Mounting Adhesives

Master every wall!
  • Universal – for almost all materials on walls, floors and ceilings
  • Safe – high suction adhesion, no slipping


  • Fast – fast strength formation, high initial adhesion
  • Strong – high final strength
WAKOL MS 245 Montinator – the all-rounder on walls, floors and ceilings
  • Universal mounting adhesive and sealing compound in the 310 ml cartridge
  • Adheres to almost all surfaces
  • Bonds practically all materials
  • Can be used on walls, floors and ceilings
  • Very high suction adhesion
  • Paintable and sealable
  • Cures firm-elastic
  • For indoors and outdoors
WAKOL MS 246 StarMonti – the specialist for skirtings and profiles
  • Mounting adhesive in the 310 ml sausage
  • Bonds all marketable skirting boards and floor profiles
  • Adheres to a wide range of surfaces
  • Can be used on walls, floors and ceilings
  • High suction adhesion
  • Paintable and sealable
  • Cures firm-elastic
  • For indoors
WAKOL Manual Applicator 400 – the professional tool for cartridges and sausages
  • High-quality manual applicator for permanent use
  • Can be used for sausages and cartridges up to 400 ml
  • Makes fatigue-free work possible
  • Transmission adapted for the processing of high-viscosity adhesives and sealing compounds
  • Adjustable drip stop for clean application
  • Guarantees complete emptying of sausages and cartridges
  • Easy to clean
Why use Wakol MS Mounting Adhesives?

Wakol MS Mounting Adhesives are water- and solvent-free. In addition, WAKOL MS 246 StarMonti is even classified as very low emissions according to EMICODE EC1 PLUS. The MS adhesives are frost-resistant and can therefore also remain in the car at cold temperatures. After processing any residues can be easily removed from surfaces.

Why use screws?

The extremely high suction adhesion reliably fixes the workpiece to wall, floor or ceiling so that it no longer slips after pressing. A connection similar to screwing down or nailing is achieved with the powerful bond with WAKOL MS Mounting Adhesives.

How efficiently do they work?

The high-viscose Wakol MS Mounting Adhesives can be processed effortlessly with the WAKOL Manual Applicator 400. There is less residual waste with the combination of WAKOL Manual Applicator 400 and WAKOL MS 246 StarMonti. The sausage is almost completely emptied and produces hardly any waste.


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