New developments in Wakol can sealing compounds

1.    Wakol’s innovations in can sealing compounds
Wakol is building its current innovation strategy based on its long-term experience with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) as a binder technology.
For users of can end sealants, styrene butadiene-based products (SBR) have been the material of choice for decades. Their versatility in use, good seaming safety profile and overall robustness have contributed to the popularity of SBR based sealing compounds. 
For many over a decade now, Wakol has introduced EVA as alternative, which can serve to be prepared for upcoming regulatory activities, which will likely see the use of styrene to be put under tougher restrictions as a component of packaging materials (in Europe).
Wakol is constantly expanding the innovative Wakol’s advanced technology++ product range based on ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) binder technology.

2.    Benefits of advanced technology++ portfolio
Not only do these allow to avoid challenging topics concerning the usage of styrene altogether, they also come with some additional technical benefits:

  • very good barrier properties to gases, 
  • extreme resistance to oily filling goods,
  • good substrate interaction, 
  • allowing formulation without extractable plasticizers/ tackifiers -> low NIAS impact, 
  • fast and uniform drying behaviour, 
  • extremely low tendency to blister formation, e.g., in post-repair processes, 
  • mild odour, low ammonia emissions

The advanced technology++ portfolio is formulated also without usage of natural rubber and therefore without any allergenic potential, and not prone to harvest-related fluctuations in supply. 

3.    EVA with good hot water resistance
Wakol has managed to overcome one of the points where conventional EVA falls behind SBR: hot water resistance.
This is very important in making sure that demanding conditions of fillers using hot steam closing for products like Tuna are being met.
The result of this effort is our new product WAKOL D 3705 Sealing Compound. Having this new option, customers can choose a completely styrene free solution without compromising on the overall product features.

4.    Positive customer response
The initial market feedback Wakol received from both can makers and fillers is really positive, which has encouraged Wakol to further work into this direction. Analogous solutions also for non-round application as well as B/B are available. Please contact Wakol to introduce these innovative alternatives.