LOBA and Wakol sustainability survey

Welcome to the LOBA & Wakol sustainability survey! We would be pleased if you liked to participate in our sustainability survey. The sustainability survey will take place from now until August 11, 2023.

Sustainability is a defining issue of our time. Acting sustainably means shaping the future responsibly in the long term: by using economic resources sparingly and conserving value, and by protecting our environment – in a spirit of cooperation based on fairness and respect. 

The concept of sustainability is firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy of LOBA and Wakol. In order to continue to translate the expectations of the various stakeholder groups into our sustainability strategy, the Institut für Marketingberatung GmbH (Institute for Marketing Consulting), surveys key groups of people on behalf of LOBA GmbH & Co. KG and Wakol GmbH.

The response will take a maximum of twelve minutes. Your statements will of course be treated confidentially and evaluated anonymously.

For any questions and suggestions regarding the questionnaire and the survey as a whole please get in contact with the Institute for Marketing Consulting (info@imb-do.de).

Thank you very much for your cooperation!