• Foam adhesives for mattresses and upholstery – innovative and in line with market requirements
    20.05.19 13:53
    Innovative foam adhesives

    Alternatives to water-based CR adhesives and more ...

    Driven by increasing technology requirements and changes in the supply of raw materials, Wakol is continuously expanding its foam adhesive product line. Accordingly, product launches at interzum 2019 include Chloroprene-Rubber(CR)-free water-based spray adhesives as well as an innovative flame retardant CR-Latex adhesive.

    The demand for alternatives to water-based CR adhesives is higher than ever. Tailored to meet market requirements, Wakol has developed INTERCOLL D 3095, a CR-free 2-C dispersion adhesive based on polyurethane suitable for the manufacturing of mattresses and upholstery. Product features are comparable to 2-C CR-Latex adhesives. INTERCOLL D 3095 shows high initial tack as well as excellent green strength for bonding foam materials in a very short time. The dried adhesive film is very flexible and resistant against ageing. Moreover, INTERCOLL D 3095 is free from chlorine respectively halogen-organic compounds in general.

    The new INTERCOLL D 3468 is a solvent-free 1-C CR-Latex adhesive that produces a self-extinguishing adhesive film and is therefore suitable for use in components that have to comply with fire protection requirements. Application fields include seating components designed for public transport respectively mass transport as well as mattresses for cruise ships or military facilities. From a product feature perspective, INTERCOLL D 3468 shows high temperature stability as well as excellent green strength for bonding foam materials in a very short time.

    Visit Wakol at interzum from May 21st - 24th 2019 in in Hall 10.1, Aisle H, Stand 011 and convince yourself of the INTERCOLL-Products .

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  • Ardex Group strengthens position in Australia
    29.04.19 10:13
    Majority stake in Nexus

    Wakol and Ardex Australia announced today, they have jointly acquired a strategic majority stake in Nexus Adhesives.

    Nexus Adhesives is a market leader in the flooring adhesive and carpet backing compound industry in Australia.

    “This joint venture strengthens our leading position in the Australian market,” said Mark Eslamlooy, CEO ARDEX Group. “With our system competence we provide solutions for our customers.”

    “We feel very proud that ARDEX and Wakol have asked Nexus Adhesives to join the group,” Jonathon Clewlow and Brett Nixon said, Owners of Nexus Adhesives. “It’s a vote of confidence in Australian manufacturing and we look forward to exploring growth opportunities for Nexus Adhesives both in Australia and further afield.”

    Nexus will continue to operate independently from the ARDEX companies. Jonathon Clewlow and Brett Nixon will continue to manage and drive Nexus Adhesives forward.

    Established in Australia in 2006, Nexus Adhesives manufactures and distributes flooring adhesives and carpet backing compounds throughout Australia and New Zealand. Dedicated to delivering innovative, dependable products, they focus on servicing the professional contractor.

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  • Wakol at Domotex 2019 in Hannover
    21.12.18 12:13
    Wakol at Domotex 2019 in Hannover

    Wakol presents in hall 13, stand C31 from 11 to 14 January the latest product range WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer as well as the MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic. Look forward for daily demonstrations.

    WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer – fastest moisture barrier

    WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer is the first roll- or trowelable silane-modified moisture barrier with an unparalleled drying time of under one hour. After only 60 minutes the subfloor is protected against increased residual moisture and ready for parquet installation. Another advantage of WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer: In just one step a moisture barrier up to 5 CM% is achieved on unheated subfloors is achieved, on heated subfloors up to 3 CM% or 85 % KRL.

    Whether as a primer, solidifying agent for subfloors or as a moisture barrier – WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer enables floor layers to achieve an optimum parquet installation environment. It is suitable as a primer on new and old subfloors, firmly fixed adhesive residue, absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors. Thanks to its solidifying effect it can also be applied on stressed screeds. And, as a 1-component product, WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer is always ready to use. Dirty stirring tools, mixing errors and remaining hardened quantities are a thing of a past.

    Finally, WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer is compatible with all Wakol MS adhesives. After an initial coating with WAKOL D 3045 Special Primer followed by levelling, it even allows for laying textile or resilient flooring.

    WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive – ergonomic application

    WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic is easy to squeeze out, while unwanted dripping has been eliminated. Thanks to the easy-to-use tubular bag it enables an ergonomic processing in standing as well as a fast and precise application – with all standard applicators. And when it comes to residue management, the empty sausages occupy significantly less space in the waste bin than stacks of containers.

    Due to its high inner strength the WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic can comfortably absorb any movement caused by expansion of parquet flooring. Moreover, parquet flooring laid with a firm-elastic adhesive is more robust and has a smoother surface compared to flooring laid using a standard elastic adhesive.

    As the WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic comes with a quick setting and a high initial grab, it allows bonding of all relevant types of parquet flooring as well as selected cork floorings. Combined with WAKOL TS 160 Footfall Soundproofing Mat or WAKOL TS 170 Footfall Soundproofing Sheet a unique footfall soundproofing system for multilayer and solid parquet with matchboard joining is available to the market.

    Further product information can be obtained during the hands-on product demonstrations at the joint stand of Loba and Wakol. Presentations will be given several times a day in exhibition hall 13, stand C31. We look forward to meeting you!

    Please find the official press release HERE .

  • LOBA joins the International ARDEX Group – WAKOL becomes Majority Shareholder
    29.10.18 16:32
    From left to right: Mark Eslamlooy (CEO of the ARDEX Group), Michael Fischer (Managing Partner ofLOBA) and Christian Groß (CEO of Wakol)

    Michael Fischer confirmed as Managing Partner, further expansion and long-term succession secured...

    Adhesives manufacturer Wakol GmbH is increasing its share in LOBA GmbH & Co. KG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surface treatments, and now holds a majority stake in the company. As Wakol has been majority-owned by ARDEX since 2015, LOBA will thus become part of the international ARDEX Group. To facilitate this transaction, four long-standing LOBA shareholders have put their shares up for sale. The overriding goal of this decision is to safeguard the company’s long-term success. Therefore, the new shareholder structure consists of Wakol GmbH and Michael Fischer, who will remain as Managing Partner.

    “By linking LOBA with Wakol, we have managed to provide our company with an extremely sustainable perspective and pave the way for my succession early on. The international operations of the ARDEX Group offer excellent opportunities to continue growing and to lead LOBA into a successful future”, says Managing Partner Michael Fischer about the new structure. “I am most delighted that our shareholders unanimously supported this step and that we have been able to win such substantial partners for LOBA”.

    Christian Groß, Wakol shareholder and CEO, sees the strengthening and expansion of the existing cooperation as a common goal: “LOBA and Wakol have been working together excellently for over 20 years and we are now able to reinforce this even further. I am convinced that the ARDEX Group offers great opportunities for both companies, whilst at the same time preserving the values and culture of a family business”.

    Mark Eslamlooy, CEO of the ARDEX Group, has also expressed his pleasure over the partnership: “The cooperation with LOBA provides us with an optimal constellation to further expand our competence in the field of flooring systems and surface finishings. The LOBA brand enjoys a distinguished reputation and stands for technical competence, premium products and outstanding service. The strong international orientation and the extremely high level of commitment of the people involved have convinced us that LOBA is the ideal partner for us”.

    Ditzingen site to be expanded – company will remain independent

    LOBA's Ditzingen site will be further expanded as a development and production center for surface finishing within the ARDEX Group. The treatment and finishing of wood and cork currently play a key role for LOBA. Additionally, the company is expanding its activities in finishing resilient floor coverings as well as cementitious surfaces.

    The company name, brand and sales structure remain unchanged as well as the contact persons for customers and suppliers. In both companies, the organization and personnel will remain the same. Following a mandatory review by the antitrust authorities, the transaction is expected to be completed at the latest by the end of November 2018.

    About Wakol

    Wakol GmbH develops, produces and very successfully sells laying materials, industrial adhesives and sealing compounds. It has stood for premium quality and customer accessibility for over 80 years. The ARDEX Group has been the majority shareholder of this family-owned company since 2015. Over 185 people are employed at the headquarters in Pirmasens; worldwide, the Wakol Group employs around 230 people. Besides Germany, Austria, Switzerland, North America and the Netherlands are amongst the most important sales markets. There are further intensive activities in Poland, Italy and Great Britain, to name a few. Wakol is also actively involved in global exports.

    About LOBA

    Founded in 1922, the finishing and care of parquet and hardwood floors have been the core business of the company based in Ditzingen near Stuttgart for almost 100 years. LOBA also owns subsidiaries in Brazil and China, as well as joint ventures with Wakol in Poland and North America. The LOBA Group currently employs around 120 people, 97 of whom work at the Ditzingen site. Technical excellence, top-quality products and the extremely well-focused customer orientation are the key factors for the success of the LOBA brand in over 60 countries.

    About ARDEX

    ARDEX GmbH is one of the world’s market leaders in high-quality chemical building products. As a family-owned company, the company has maintained a sustainable growth course for over 65 years. Today, the ARDEX Group employs more than 3,000 people and is represented in over 100 countries on all continents, boasting a virtually end-to-end presence in its core market of Europe. With more than ten major brands, including Wakol, ARDEX generates total turnover of over EUR 770m worldwide.

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  • WAKOL D 3465 Special Adhesive - New generation of shoe adhesive
    09.11.17 11:41
    WAKOL D 3465 Special Adhesive - New generation of shoe adhesive

    Innovative bonding of shafts

    Wakol offers a new sprayable shoe adhesive with high initial strength and excellent processing properties. WAKOL D 3465 Special Adhesive is suitable for the manufacture of shoe shafts and insoles by hiding all common leather, cushioning and lining materials.
    The use of this alkali- and ammonia-free raw material with very low allergenic potential reduces the skin-irritating effect of the adhesive significantly or substantially. Contamination of the adhesive during processing is impossible with the application in the closed container. Only a 10 kg container is connected directly to the spray gun which avoids the former refilling into a pressurised container. Mould formation in pressurised containers is therefore impossible.
    The absence of odours (no ammonia) during processing is particularly beneficial. A high initial strength is already achieved with little pressure. In order to control the spray application of the undyed adhesive also on bright lining materials, a UV indicator is added which enables visualisation under black light. Typical spray devices can be used without any problems. Only the selected spray pressure must be readjusted or reduced to 1-2 bar. It is possible to clean the application devices with water. Work benches can also be easily cleaned with little effort. Very high heat resistance allows other work processes such as heatsetter, blow-drying and steaming without any problems. Hydrolysis tests (70°, 7d , 100% RF) permit use in the area of heavy and sports footwear.

    Press Contact:
    Wakol GmbH
    Bottenbacher Straße 30 
    66954 Pirmasens 
    Internet www.wakol.de  
    E-Mail birgit.hansen@wakol.de

    Press Release

  • Domotex 2017
    03.01.17 17:32
    Domotex 2017

    На выставке Domotex 2017 компания Wakol представила свою новейшую продукцию.

    На выставке DOMOTEX 2017, проходившей с 14 по 17 января в Ганновере, компания Wakol live представила первый жестко-эластичный клей для паркета, предназначенный для нанесения из рукава: WAKOL MS 262 Клей для паркета, жесткоэластичный , а также первый однокомпонентный клей на MS-основе, предназначенный для дизайнерских панелей из ПВХ: WAKOL MS 550 Клей для ПВХ и резиновых покрытий .

    Компании Loba и Wakol открыли совместный стенд ( павильон 7, стенд A 41 ), где специалисты проводили презентации продукции семь раз в день.


    Кроме того, в рамках innovations@domotex2017 на отдельной площадке в павильоне 9 проводилась отдельная демонстрация двух продуктов:

    WAKOL MS 262 Клей для паркета, жестко-эластичный - Прочное приклеивание!

    Эргономичное оформление рабочего места повышает работоспособность и, тем самым, гарантирует повышение производительности и конкурентоспособности.

    Однокомпонентный клей на MS-основе WAKOL MS 262 Клей для паркета, жестко-эластичный, допускает стационарное нанесение всеми распространенными устройствами. Надежная технология Wakol MS, позволяющая наносить клей из рукава, отличается скоростью и точностью нанесения. Первый жестко-эластичный клей, предназначенный для точечного нанесения и отличающийся быстрым набором прочности и высокой адгезионной способностью. Благодаря этому WAKOL MS 262 Клей для паркета, жестко-эластичный, подходит для укладки паркета любого рода. Обладая высокой внутренней твердостью, он лучше

    выдерживает нагрузку и, в отличие от эластичных клеев, не позволяет паркету пружинить. 

    WAKOL MS 550 Клей для ПВХ и резиновых покрытий  - Мощное выступление!

    Привередливые покрытия можно наносить сразу с помощью современного однокомпонентного клея на MS-основе. Впервые стало возможным надежно укладывать с помощью WAKOL MS 550 Клей для ПВХ и резиновых покрытий не только ПВХ- и каучуковые покрытия, но и дизайнерские ПВХ-панели. При этом не имеет значения впитывающая способность подложки и место укладки покрытия (внутри или снаружи помещений).

    Новинка от Wakol отличается удобством в использовании и надежностью укладки. WAKOL MS 550 Клей для ПВХ и резиновых покрытий отличается чрезвычайно низкой склонностью к смятию. При выполнении неизбежных работ на покрытии, например, при укладке настила, отпечатки на поверхности сводятся к минимуму. Высокая адгезионная способность и быстрое схватывание гарантируют надежную укладку дизайнерских ПВХ-панелей с самого начала. Благодаря жестким валикам WAKOL MS 550 Клея для ПВХ и резиновых покрытий остаточное вдавливание минимизируется в той же степени, что и для волокнистого дисперсионного клея. Клей, попавший на поверхность покрытия, можно бесследно удалить как в мягком, так и в затвердевшем состоянии.

    После нанесения и закрытия тары клей можно использовать для последующей укладки. Остаточные отходы образуются в незначительном количестве, а пользователь защищен от опасных веществ.

    Nach Abdecken der Restmenge und Verschließen des Gebindes kann der Klebstoff für die nachfolgenden Verlegungen verwendet werden. Es entsteht kaum Restmüll und der Anwender verzichtet auf Gefahrstoffe.


    Дополнительная информация о представленной продукции приведена на сайте компании Wakol. QR-код на этикетке позволяет познакомиться с ней прямо на месте проведения работ.

    Посетители смогли ознакомиться с новинками на выставке DOMOTEX 2017 в Ганновере. Вместе с компанией Loba мы продемонстрировали продукты, без которых будет трудно обойтись в 2017 году. Посетители выставки имели возможность познакомиться с компанией Wakol и ее продукцией в павильоне 7, стенд A41.

    Подробнее о DOMOTEX см. www.domotex.de

    Информация для прессы

  • interzum 2017
    03.04.17 13:41
    interzum 2017

    Wakol presents adhesive systems for manufacturing upholstery and mattresses

    On the upcoming interzum 2017 in Cologne, Wakol presents adhesive systems for manufacturing upholstery and mattresses.

    Visit Wakol at interzum from 16. - 19. Mai in Hall 10.1, Aisle A, Stand 058 and convince yourself of the TOP Products INTERCOLL D 3447 and INTERCOLL D 3386 .

    INTERCOLL D 3447 Roller Adhesive – is a diverse mattress adhesive for the manufacture of all types of mattresses. The water-based 1-C CR-Latex Roller adhesive is solvent-free and characterized by its superb tension stability when wet. The easy assembly and the process reliability are featured by the quick force build-up and the excellent instant tack.

    INTERCOLL D 3386 – has been developed for roller and spray application. The very fast drying of the adhesive makes a directly packaging of the mattress possible. It can be used as one-side or contact adhesive for all common mattresses and upholstery materials.

    During interzum 2017 Wakol presents live two spray applications:

    The 2-C CR-Latex Dispersion Adhesive INTERCOLL D 3453 is used in combination with INTERCOLL D 3437 Aktivator by spray-mix-application. It shows high initial strength for bonding foam materials in a short time.

    INTERCOLL D 3460 is a 1-C CR-Latex Dispersion Adhesive can be used at a low spraying pressure, thus reducing the overspray and optimising consumption. The product can be applied using the "free-flow" method. In comparison to the mixed two-component adhesive, INTERCOLL D 3460 contains more solid material and therefore has a lower water content. This adds a drying benefit.


    Further information on Wakol at  interzum www.interzum.de

  • METPACK 2017
    METPACK 2017

    WAKOL Sealing Compounds – expanded product range

    Wakol presents at Metpack two new additions to its extensive Sealing Compound range.

    - WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound for Beverage cans

    - WAKOL PU 4320 / 4315 Sealing Compound for Food pails and drums.

    WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound for Beverage cans

    WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound is a water-based sealing compound based on SBR for beverage application and is suitable for the filling of mineral water, carbonated soft drink, beer as well as dairy products. It shows a very good performance using high throughput application machinery (up to 1500 epm / rotational multi-head liner) applying to small diameters.

    It is formulated to achieve virtually no taste or odour influences on filling goods. Therefore WAKOL D 3756 Sealing Compound is suitable for taste-sensitive filling goods like e.g. mineral water.

    It complies with latest regulatory requirements, according to European and FDA food contact regulations. TNO and Nehring certificates are available

    It shows excellent performance on high-speed rotational multi liners due to low drying tendency on nozzles. Reject rates are exceptionally low. An excellent shear stability provides optimum performance through central supply systems.

    WAKOL PU 4320 / 4315 Sealing Compound for Food pails and drums

    WAKOL PU 4320 / 4315 Sealing Compound is a two-component, self-blowing polyurethane foam. It was especially developed to form gaskets for pails and drum covers with ring ladge application. For the product, full compliance for food contact according to European Food Contact law has been achieved.

    As the foam shows a very good resistance against water, fats, oils and aliphatic solvents it can also be used for the sealing of packaging of aqueous-based products for technical applications, glycols, oils, aliphatic solvents and solid filling materials.

    The reaction leads to an elastic and fine-porous gasket with a smooth surface. 2-C-Polyurethane technology offers several advantages: no oven needed, high form stability of the gasket, plasticizer free, low migration, PVC free.

    The Wakol exhibition team is looking forward to inform you about the full product range and will be available for further details. Visit Wakol in Hall 3.0 Stand 3A34.

    Further information on Wakol at METPACK www.metpack.de

  • Ассортимент продуктов Материалы для укладки покрытий 2017
    17.01.17 18:10
    Ассортимент продуктов Материалы для укладки покрытий 2017

    Нагляднее, быстрее, в новой упаковке: так выглядит обзор материалов для укладки WAKOL 2017 ...

    Актуальный обзор материалов для укладки WAKOL 2017 доступен уже сейчас. С самого первого взгляда заметно множество изменений. Повысилась наглядность оформления. Для ускорения поиска подходящих решений увеличено количество категорий продуктов. Если продукт пригоден для укладки различных групп покрытий, он будет показан в разделах, посвященных разным покрытиям.

    Структура систем укладки отдельных типов покрытий сохранена, читаемость улучшена.

    Категории в целом соответствуют обзору продукции на сайте:


    подробнее >>


    подробнее >>

    Наклеивание ПВХ и резиновых покрытий

    подробнее >>

    Наклеивание линолиума и текстильных покрытий

    подробнее >>

    Наклеивание паркета и пробки

    подробнее >>

    Настилы фиксировать

    подробнее >>

    Настилы клеить токопроводящим

    подробнее >>

    Подложки / маты / пластины

    подробнее >>

    Инструменты / Принадлежности

    подробнее >>

    Рабочая одежда

    подробнее >>

  • Innovations@Domotex 2017
    03.01.17 13:44
    Innovations@Domotex 2017

    В этом году компания Wakol впервые участвует в innovations@domotex2017 с двумя продуктами.

    Компания Wakol представляет инновационные продукты на выставке DOMOTEX 2017, проходящей в период с 14 по 17 января в Ганновере. Продукты представлены в рамках innovations@domotex2017 и на совместном стенде Loba и Wakol в павильоне 7, стенд A41.

    WAKOL MS 325 Силановая грунтовка  - первая гидроизоляция на MS-основе с укреплением поверхности, рассчитанная на нанесение валиком и шпателем

    WAKOL MS 550 Клей для ПВХ и резиновых покрытий  - первый однокомпонентный клей на MS-основе для дизайнерских ПВХ-панелей

    По адресу innovations@domotex2017 в интернете можно ознакомиться с лауреатами конкурса инноваций. На отдельных площадках в павильоне 9 демонстрируются инновации. Под названием «Техника для нанесения и укладки»: инновационные компании демонстрируют новейшие технологии, ускоряющие и упрощающие укладку напольных покрытий. «Мы наблюдали увлекательную презентацию и ознакомились с креативными и интеллектуальными решениями», – говорит Штефан Диц, промышленный дизайнер и председатель жюри

  • да́та 2017
    да́та 2017

    Вы найдете нас на следующих выставках ...
    Там Вас ожидают интересные новости!


    08.-09.03.2017 Netto-Messe Balsthal , Швейцария



    29.-31.03.2017 Suisse Floor Luzern , Швейцария





    02.05.-06.05.17 Metpack Э́ссен , Германия




    16.05.-19.05.2017 Interzum Кёльн , Германия


    INTERZUM 2017



    29.06.-01.07.2017 epf Фойхтванген , Германия

    Интернет-сайт et

    EPF 2017_Wakol_Banner


    Мы будем рады Вашему визиту!

    По всем вопросам, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по адресу: Телефон: +49 6331 8001 131, электронная почта: Info@wakol.de

  • да́та 2017
    да́та 2017

    Вы найдете нас на следующих выставках ...
    Там Вас ожидают интересные новости!


    08.-09.03.2017 Netto-Messe Balsthal , Швейцария



    29.-31.03.2017 Suisse Floor Luzern , Швейцария





    02.05.-06.05.17 Metpack Э́ссен , Германия




    16.05.-19.05.2017 Interzum Кёльн , Германия


    INTERZUM 2017



    29.06.-01.07.2017 epf Фойхтванген , Германия

    Интернет-сайт et

    EPF 2017_Wakol_Banner


    Мы будем рады Вашему визиту!

    По всем вопросам, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами по адресу: Телефон: +49 6331 8001 131, электронная почта: Info@wakol.de

  • Wakol find’s in ARDEX strategic partner for continued expansion
    Quality associates

    Adhesive manufacturer WAKOL enters into strategic partnership with ARDEX Group which will ensure early company succession ...

    Adhesive manufacturer WAKOL enters into strategic partnership with ARDEX Group which will ensure early company succession.

    Ardex, specialist for building chemicals based in Witten, Germany acquires a majority interest in Wakol. Family owners who are currently active in the business continue to hold substantial shares.

    With Ardex as partner Wakol strengthens its system expertise, its global footprint and therefore ensures a sustainable growth.  

    This cooperation holds big potential for for future growth for both companies.

    Mark Eslamlooy, CEO of Ardex Group, is excited about the future together: “This cooperation with Wakol is a perfect way for us to increase our systems expertise in the flooring industry massively. I cannot imagine having a better partner because like Ardex Wakol stands for highest technical expertise, quality and innovation. This shared philosophy is the base for our future success.”


    Wakol stays independent

    Wakol continues to operate as independent entity. The current managing directors  Christian Gross, Dr. Frederic Holzbaur, Dr. Martin Schäfer and Steffen Acker will continue to run the business. Company name, location, brand and sales strategy will not change. The point of contact for customers as well as suppliers will also stay the same.

    Through this cooperation both companies will increase their expertise in the business segment flooring systems. Both brands will continue to focus on their existing distribution channels and invest in its further development. Also both companies will continue to offer their distinguished product portfolio under their own brand.  

    Wakols further business segments Industrial Adhesives and Sealing Compounds will also continue increase without change. The international network of the Ardex Group offers opportunities for growth there as well.

    Christian Gross, CEO of the Wakol Group is convinced: „ With Ardex as partner we have a very promising prospective for the future and at the same time foster our culture as family  owned business.“


    Location in Pirmasens will be strengthened

    Wakol’s current location in Pirmasens will be expanded to become Ardex’s development centre for flooring adhesives in Europe. It is also planned to expand Wakol’s existing manufacturing capacity into the Groups European production centre for flooring and industrial adhesives.


    Similar values:

    Base for a partnership are shared values like: quality, innovation, technical expertise, reliability as well as a clear strategic alignment. Strong similarities in the company culture are crucial prerequisites and guarantee the future success for the cooperation.


    About Ardex

    For more than 60 years, ARDEX has been the quality leader for an entire industry, offering excellent building chemicals with supreme processing reliability – the brand of choice for installers and wholesalers. ARDEX today is still an independent family-owned business. ARDEX is present in more than 50 countries around the world and has 2,200 employees. With its twelve major brands, the ARDEX Group generates total turnover worldwide of more than 540 million euros per year.


    About Wakol

    Wakol GmbH is a leading family owned business in the adhesive industry as well as in the packaging industry with a total turnover of 58 million Euros. In 2014 Wakol achieved a growth of 5.5%.

    Wakol, headquartered in Pirmasens, Germany continuously increased the number of employees over the recent years to currently 190 employees. 160 of that are based in Pirmasens.

    Besides Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands which are core markets for Wakol’s flooring products Wakol is also active in USA and Poland. 

    Wakol develops, manufactures and distributes very successful Flooring products, industrial adhesives and sealing compounds. For 80 years Wakol stands for Quality and Customer service. Wakol was repeatedly able to develop industry changing innovations. The chosen markets and niches provide excellent opportunities for future growth.

    Press release as Download

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