WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive

  • Universal extremely wide range of applications on walls and floors
  • Optimised structurally viscose setting for wall surfaces


  • Robust water-resistant, temperature-resistant and suitable for heavy-duty use
WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive – MetaTack MS adhesive for challenging and sophisticated laying situations

From entrance areas with increased moisture levels through to outdoor areas, all suitable coverings can be safely laid with
WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive. The ideal choice for use in rooms with high thermal load from sunlight, e.g. in
conservatories, and also in areas with low temperature such as in refrigerated warehouses. Challenges such as areas with forklift traffic and heavy-duty requirements are overcome by the secure and stable bond.

With regard to the new design options with laying coverings on walls, WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is optimal. Dripfree application on the wall is possible thanks to the structurally viscous setting. The immediate suction adhesion of the adhesive prevents the covering slipping and thus facilitates the wall design.

WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is part of the Wakol sealing system for laying coverings in moisture-prone areas such
as domestic bathrooms. The area of application includes not only bonding coverings in the floor and wall area, but also the individual sealing materials. The certified Wakol sealing system ensures maximum safety in use.

WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is suitable for a variety of coverings such as PVC, CV, PVC design and rubber coverings. Application for needle-punch carpet, linoleum, PVC-cork coverings is also possible. The range of applications also includes special coverings such as dirt traps/doormats, safety layers and artificial grass. Another special feature is the use of the adhesive in the certified Wakol sealing system.

With no time-consuming mixing involved, WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is applied directly from the container to
the prepared subfloor. Subfloors which are primed or sealed with WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer or WAKOL MS 330 Silane
Primer can also be covered directly, due to the option of using the adhesive on non-absorbent subfloors.

WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is characterised by its very low squeezing tendency. For unavoidable work on the
flooring, such as laying floor sheets, knee imprints in the surface are kept to a minimum. PVC design flooring is held securely in
place right from the start thanks to the high suction adhesion and quick attraction force. Adhesive on the surface of the flooring can be removed residue-free when fresh or hardened. Owing to the firm adhesive grooves of WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive, residual impressions are kept to a minimum just as well as with a fibre-reinforced dispersion adhesive.

WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is delivered in a practical plastic bucket. A compound aluminium foil, firmly sealed with the edge of the container, ensures optimum protection against moisture and safeguards storage stability for at least 12 months. Hardening in the unopened original container, resulting in material loss and additional work, is thus eliminated.

As a 1-component product, annoying and inconvenient mixing is not required when using WAKOL MS 552 PVC and Rubber Adhesive. After covering the residual amount and closing the container, the adhesive can be used for subsequent work. The containers are made from 50 % recycled material and can be recycled.



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