Online training for users of polyurethane adhesives and primers

From 24 August 2023, training must be provided before using polyurethane adhesives and primers.

Wakol provides you with training free of charge. Below you will find the step-by-step instructions

You can start the online training with the following access link:

049 Professional application / Flooring and waterproofing applications - European Diisocyanates and Polyols Producers Association (ISOPA) (idloom.events)  

Step by step guide to the training:

1.    Register on the page with your data
2.    Use the voucher code FEICA_21_N12 to receive the training free of charge
3.    Confirmation email which will take you to the idloom-passport page
4.    Choose your password
5.    Log in with this password and your email address and start the training course
6.    The training takes about 40 minutes and consists of 2 modules
7.    Module 1 covers the theory and module 2 includes a quiz which you have to complete successfully
8.    After successful completion of the quiz you will receive your certificate, which is valid for 5 years

Important: If the training cannot be started, try to open it via another browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge). 



Due to an overload at idloom, the "Go to Passport" button in your confirmation email may not work directly. If the redirection leads you to the following mask

close the browser window and wait for about 3-4 hours and try again to get to the password assignment.

If you still can't access the password assignment after several attempts, you can contact idloom directly.
Please use the following e-mail address: mark.gomori@idloom.com
or the hotline on +32 2 882 68 27 and select option 1.


We hope you have a lot of success with the training.
If you have any questions, you can always contact the technical advisor responsible for you.