Dust-reduced levelling compounds

  • Modern – advanced user protection
  • Clean – less dirt during renovation


  • Versatile – afor all flooring types and parquet
  • Economical – now also for commercial areas
Professionals work with reduced dust: Dust-reduced levelling compounds from Wakol

Up to now a lot of dust is generated when mixing levelling compounds. This is now a thing of the past with the dustreduced levelling compounds from Wakol, up to 90 % less dust is produced when mixing. This means that in the future the user can omit the statutory protective measures with regard to occupational safety. Measurements with the German employer's liability insurance association (BG BAU) confirmed the dust-reduced property. Therefore, they are preferred with regard to user protection.It also offers an invaluable advantage when using levelling compound pumps

The fact that less dust is generated when mixing is a welcome advantage, especially for customers in the private sector. Work on existing buildings is cleaner and the customer is happier.

Wakol has already been a pioneer for many years when it comes to user protection through dust reduction. Today all floorings are covered with a dedicated range:

Proven top product. Basis for the current product line of dust-reduced levelling compounds. WAKOL Z 615 Levelling Compound, dust-reduced has been used successfully for years for the preparation of the subfloor for the subsequent laying of
parquet, cork, as well as textile and elastic floor coverings.
The reliable one for all challenges for all challenges – suitable for the private sector through to heavy-duty areas.

The fast-top product. The systematic further development with fast drying properties for the subsequent laying of parquet, cork, as well as textile and elastic floor coverings. WAKOL Z 610 Levelling Compound, dust-reduced combines the best levelling properties with fast curing. With a layer thickness of up to 5 mm, parquet and all floor coverings can be laid after 6 hours. Even for high layer thicknesses of up to 20 mm – extended up to 30 mm the floor covering can be laid after 24 hours.
The fast one – suitable for the private sector through to heavy-duty areas.

Economical commercial product. There is a lot of dust when working on large areas. Special attention is now given to dust reduction: WAKOL Z 680 Levelling Compound, dust-reduced. It is the first dust-reduced levelling compound on the market for the economical installations of textile and elastic floor coverings. Layer thicknesses up to 10 mm can be realised with WAKOL Z 680 Levelling Compound, dust-reduced.
The economical one – for textile and elastic floor coverings.

Stable product. The completion of the dust-reduced product family for the preparation of subfloors, levelling, and screed
additions. The dust reduction comes into its own here, as partial quantities are often taken out of the bag and mixed. The user
working in the immediate vicinity with the filling compound is effectively protected from dust exposure.
The stable one – from substrate preparation to levelling before laying the flooring and parquet.

Alternative solution. The WAKOL Dust Reducer guarantees protection of the applicator, dust-reduced working and can be used
for all conventional Wakol levelling compounds.
User-friendly - for all compounds, self-levelling or stable.

User protection in a nutshell: dust-reduced solutions from Wakol


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