WAKOL MS 260 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic

Best marks in posture !
  • Safe – no block tearing
  • Reliable – no black joints
  • Universal – for all relevant parquet types


  • Fast – can be sanded after 24 hours
  • Connected Systems – the system guarantee in combination with Loba paints


Elastic bonding without block tearing

The new MS parquet adhesive WAKOL MS 260 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic combines elasticity and strength. The adhesive absorbs swell shear forces and compared with conventional elastic adhesives achieves a very high internal strength. In other words: elastic but strong!
Block tearing is above all related to the strength of the adhesive, and the greater the internal strength, the lower the risk of block tearing. WAKOL MS 260 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic, keeps that risk as low as with shear-resistant 2K PU adhesives.

Without time-consuming mixing, WAKOL MS 260 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic, is applied directly from the bucket onto the prepared subfloor. Due to the possibility to use the adhesive also on non-absorbent subfloors, it can also be applied directly to subfloors that have been primed or blocked with e.g. WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer or WAKOL MS 330 Silane Primer.

Undesired interactions between MS adhesives and paints depend on the type and quantity of the contained plasticisers. WAKOL MS 260 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic, is optimised in this regard, and is generally uncritical for paints. In combination with Loba paints, the “Connected Systems” system guarantee makes the adhesive a worry-free package!

WAKOL MS 260 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic, is part of the new system guarantee from Loba and Wakol. That is: WAKOL MS 260 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic, and the recommended Loba paints are keyed to one another.
Insurance protection exists across systems for the joint use of the systems, so that worries about undesired interactions become a thing of the past – rest assured!

  • For all parquet types
  • On all subfloors, whether absorbent or non-absorbent
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • Very economical consumption
  • Very economical consumption
  • Optimised scoring stability ensures the best parquet laying
  • Maximum emptying thanks to special sealing
  • Especially long storage stability: 18 months
  • Best emissions class EMICODE EC1 PLUS

All details regarding the product can be found here.