WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto

Breathe freely at last!
  • Progressive – economic contact adhesive for stairs and skirting boards
  • Solvent-free – EMICODE EC1 PLUS, complies with TRGS 610


  • Universal – for all flooring types except parquet and cork
  • Universal – for all subfloors, absorbent and non-absorbent
Universally applicable
  • Bonding of textile flooring, PVC-, CV-, linoleum- and rubber flooring in stair areas
  • Bonding skirting boards and cove base profiles
  • On all absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors
WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto for stressed bonding – solvent-free!

Bonding flooring on stairs requires adhesives with immediate adhesion and strong bonding that can withstand long-term
stress. The user is on the safe side with WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto and meets the requirements of TRGS 610. Furthermore, WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto is classified according to the best emission class with EMICODE EC1 PLUS. At the same time, the work can be carried out just as fast as with conventional solvent-based contact adhesives.

WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto is fast

WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto is economic and fast. The airing times of WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto are around 20 minutes on an
absorbent subfloor and maximum 50 minutes on an impermeable back of flooring. If necessary, a hot hair drier can be used
to speed things up. This reduces the time significantly, 10 to maximum 30 minutes for tradesmen.

Easy application

Floorings can still be adjusted after installation, as the adhesive films do not fuse until after pressing. The long laying time of
6 hours allows stress-free laying of the flooring without time pressure.

Time saving due to pre-coating

If you don't want long airing times because the flooring to be bonded on the stairs has a very absorbent and porous matted
backing and the climate conditions in the unheated stairwell do not comply with the standards, you can benefit from a special
feature of WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto – the option of pre-coating. For this purpose, one day before laying, the backing of the
flooring is coated with adhesive and can be aired over night in a suitable place, e.g. in the workshop. On the day of laying only
the subfloor is coated with adhesive and after a brief airing time the flooring is bonded. Fast and safe!

Safe bonding without flooring discolouration

In particular with light-coloured PVC- and CV-flooring, there may be undesired interactions with conventional, solvent-based
neoprene contact adhesives, which under exposure to light may result in discolouration of the flooring. With WAKOL D 3210
Kontakto as a water-based and solvent-free contact adhesive the possibility of such interactions is eliminated.

Bonding of skirting boards and profiles

Skirting boards and cove base profiles on plaster, concrete and masonry can be bonded with WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto.
With WAKOL D 3210 Kontakto, tension and deformation in the profiles can be properly compensated for. Solvent-based contact adhesives are thus at last a thing of the past.


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