WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive

Powerful appearance!
  • NEW – first MS adhesive for LVT flooring
  • Simple – 1-component, no mixing, less waste


  • Universal – even on non-absorbent subfloors
  • Powerful – fast strength build-up
Modern reaction adhesive for resilient flooring

With WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive, it is now possible for the first time to securely install challenging flooring with a modern, 1-component MS adhesive which previously had to be done with 2-component PU adhesives.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is suitable for adhering all PVC flooring, as well as LVT flooring and rubber flooring. It doesn't matter whether you want to bond flooring on absorbent or non-absorbent subfloors, indoors or outdoors.

For surfaces with the highest requirements

Flooring can be securely laid in areas subject to increased moisture, such as entrance areas, or with a higher thermal load
due to sunlight, for example conservatory, using the WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive. Challenges such as areas with forklift traffic and heavy-duty requirements are overcome by the secure and stable bond.

Start straight away and put the flooring to quick use

With no time-consuming mixing involved, WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is applied directly from the bucket to the
prepared subfloor. Subfloors which are primed or blocked with WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer or WAKOL MS 325 Silane Primer can be covered directly, due to the option of using the adhesive on non-absorbent subfloors.

Handling comfort and reliability

WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is characterised by its very low squeezing tendency. For unavoidable work on the
flooring, when laying floor-sheets, knee imprints in the surface are kept to a minimum. LVT flooring is held securely in place right from the start thanks to the high suction adhesion and initial tack. Adhesive residues on the surface of the flooring can be removed completely when fresh or hardened. Owing to the firm adhesive ridges of WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive, residual intentations are kept to a minimum just as well as with a fibre-reinforced dispersion adhesive.


As a 1-component product, annoying and inconvenient mixing is not required when using WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive. This means you do not need a stirring tool or power on theconstruction site as you would for 2-component PU adhesives. You do not get annoyed over dirty stirring tools, or time lost due to the mixing process. Mixing errors are a thing of the past. Pot times no longer have to be observed for this modern product. You do not lose any money from hardened residual amounts, which is unavoidable with 2-component products. After coveringthe residual amount and closing the bucket, the adhesive can be used for subsequent work. There is thus no residual waste.

Long durability thanks to sealed containers

WAKOL MS 550 PVC and Rubber Adhesive is delivered in a practical plastic bucket. A compound aluminium foil, firmly sealed with the edge of the container, ensures optimum protection against moisture and safeguards storage stability for at least 12 months. Hardening in the unopened original container, resulting in material loss and additional work, is thus eliminated.


All details regarding the product can be found here.